Ngorongoro Crater Flamingos

Flamingos are the most instantly recognizable wading birds in the world.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area-Tanzania

Ngorongoro Conservation Area has yielded an exceptionally long sequence of crucial evidence related to human evolution

Lake Manyara National Park

Watch a hippo, on land or in the water, and you'll soon discover that this roly-poly is one of the animal world's great characters

The Serengeti Plains

The Serengeti is a vast ecosystem in east-central Africa

The Maasai in Ngorongoro Crater

About 200 years ago the Maasai arrived in Ngorongoro and have since colonized the Area in substantial numbers, their traditional way of life allowing them to live in harmony with the wildlife and the environment.

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Tanzania Outland Safaris is a family-owned company providing safari consultancy services and the operation of specialized tours across our Tanzanian holiday destinations. Tanzania Outland Safaris was officially established 2015 by Innocent Tebelo who has worked at a personal level as self-appointed Tourism Ambassador for Tanzania, promoting and organizing holidays to Tanzania for friends, colleagues and interested holiday makers.

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